Semiconductor Packaging, Reliability & Failure Analysis Services
Quality, Timely, and Cost Effective

Priority Packaging, Inc. provides integrated circuit expertise in
Die Recovery Die repackaging
FA / Qualification / Evaluation Die Repackaging
IC packaging IC repackaging IC Prototyping
IC bonding BGA reball / rework Open-cavity Assembly
IC Assembly Module Assembly MCM Hybrid (Laminate-Ceramic) Assembly
Flip-chip Assembly Stacked-Die Assembly Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM C-SAM)
Failure Analysis Cross-sectioning X-ray (High Magnification / Resolution)
Chemical deprocessing Decapsulation Laser Etch, marking, ablating
Reliability testing Preconditioning Temperature cycling
Thermal shock Autoclave High-temp (temperature) storage life.

Priority Packaging, Inc. offers a unique opportunity to customers by merging Failure Analysis, IC Assembly and Reliability knowledge into one service offering. The combined impact of expertise in these complimentary disciplines results in the quickest and most efficient high quality solution for our customers. We invite you to visit our facility or contact one of our representatives.